Sonner Star

Sonner Star is our awesome loyalty program for our fellow collectors and pop culture enthusiasts.

The perks on offer


  • Place an Order: 1 Star for every £1 spent
  • Online Account Sign Up: 50 Stars
  • Follow us on Facebook: 20 Stars
  • Follow us on Instagram: 20 Stars
  • Follow us on Twitter: 20 Stars
  • Your Birthday: 100 Stars


  • 500 Stars: 5% Off Order Coupon + Free Mystery Pocket Pop! Keychain
  • 1000 Stars: 10% Off Order Coupon + Free Mystery Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • 2000 Stars: 20% Off Order Coupon + Free Mystery Box (Special Edition Pop! Vinyl Figure or Action Figure)


Spread the word to your friends with a reward, and claim your own when they make a purchase!

  • They Get: 5% Off Order Coupon
  • You Get: 5% Off Order Coupon

How do I sign up & redeem Stars?


Simply create an account on our website if you haven't already done so. New & existing customers with accounts automatically join the program. Plus new accounts, also get 50 Star sign up bonus!

If you shop in our retail stores in future, just provide the name and email address of your online account to our Sales Assistant. You'll then earn Stars on your order, and even redeem a reward.

Create an account or log in

In Stores

When you checkout in store, provide your name and email address to our Sales Assistant. They will create an account for you, which will then automatically join our program.

You'll then earn Stars on your orders in our stores, or even redeem a reward just by giving the same name and email address in future.

If you later create an account online, simply use the same email address you used in store to link your accounts. From there, you can earn and redeem Stars online as well as in store. The Stars you earned in store previously will be available to redeem online too.

Terms & Conditions

When participating in the Sonner Star loyalty program, you agree to the following terms & conditions:

  • Stars earned for purchases are only awarded based on the order subtotal and excludes discounts and shipping.
  • Stars earned for purchases are awarded once the order is paid.
  • Stars will be removed if a customer cancels or returns items from purchases where Stars are earned.
  • Stars cannot be earned on the purchases of Gift Cards but can be earned on purchases made using a Gift Card.
  • Stars are not earned on replacement items.
  • Stars can only be redeemed at the beginning of a purchase. Once redeemed, they cannot be reversed back onto accounts.
  • Stars do not expire.
  • Stars are not transferable between accounts.
  • Stars will not be awarded for past orders placed before the program launch on 25/06/2021.
  • Stars will not be awarded for past orders placed before the customer has signed up to the program.
  • Items awarded through the redemption of Stars cannot be returned or be exchanged for monetary value.
  • Free Items awarded through the redemption of Stars is subject to current stock availability.
  • Sonner Toys reserves the right to adjust Star Values at any time without notice.
  • Sonner Toys reserves the right to adjust Stars even after they are awarded to the customer.
  • Sonner Toys reserves the right to cancel Stars and Awards at any point.
  • Sonner Toys reserves the right to alter the way stars are awarded and/or how they are redeemed.
  • Sonner Toys reserves the right to modify these terms at any point.