About Us

Founded in 2015, Sonner Toys is the independent UK home for all your pop culture collectibles and toys based on the south coast of the United Kingdom in Portsmouth.
About Us

Who we are

We at Sonner Toys pride ourselves on our knowledge of the collectibles industry. Everyone employed is an expert on toys, each of us with a specialised field, this allows us to provide a tailored experience to our customers.

Sonner Toys have an excellent history of providing some of the best events in the industry, our stores are “boutique” providing a high end collector experience, and our presence at comic cons is well known throughout the community!

Our journey

Over the course of our many years in trade we have hit various milestones and have grown to become one of the most well-known names in the UK industry.

2015: The founding

A dream was born. Working 3 jobs to save enough money to begin an adventure, our founder quit his jobs and set up in his bedroom.

Originally our business solely relied on selling through eBay and Facebook groups.


To boost trade, our first comic con was attended, a small toy convention in Totton. It’s also where we sold our first ever Hot Toy! This con was a small success, boosting ambition to the next phase…


With our own online website up and running, taking small orders, our scope had widened. The next mission was larger conventions!

We attended our first London Con, run by our friends at Showmasters. It was a roaring success and has since become a staple for us year on year.

2018: Our first shop

Time to expand. The bedroom/warehouse/office was becoming a little too cramped! As such, our first baby (store) was opened in the heart of our home turf.

The Cascades store remains open and is a pinnacle of the geek communities in the area. Our first staff were also hired!


The year of shows and events!

We attended our most comic cons in 2019! A year of stability and growth as we began taking our first larger online orders.

2020: Our expansion boom

A year we don’t think anyone will forget in a hurry. With all shows cancelled, and our store closed as a result of lockdown, we were, like most businesses, unsure of how to continue our growth.

We moved all of our store stock onto the website, expecting to only make a few sales… Overnight we exploded onto the online scene, hundreds of orders turned into thousands! We were blown away and admittedly, way out of our depth!

This massive explosion allowed us to open our Salisbury store.


Our biggest year yet, our online store had expanded bigger than we had ever expected, and although lockdowns remained a feature of the times, we had continued to grow as a business.

Bringing in more incredible new lines, including becoming an official LEGO retailer!

Sonner Toys Portsmouth store display of a mega Transformers action figure


This year has presented many challenges, where 2021 was full of prosperity, this year has been filled with anxiety. The cost-of-living crisis has presented several challenges, including decreased custom, and major stock delays.

However, new owners, experienced in this field are on board!

Whilst we had no choice but to close our Salisbury store due to overzealous landlords and petty grief from local competition, we have our eyes on bigger horizons!

2022 may be difficult to all, but 2023 holds an incredible future.