March 2022 Update

Update -

March 2022 Update

Hey all!

A month has passed since our apology went live on our site, and firstly, we would like to say thank you. The response we received blew all of us away. The overwhelming messages of support was incredibly emotional to our team and completely unexpected. Every day we receive tonnes of abuse, threats, and negative reviews, so it was a surprise to see so much positivity! We are so eternally grateful to those who provided us with something to read when everyone seemed against us.

In an effort to remain as transparent and honest as possible, I thought it best to keep everyone in the loop as to where we are since my last update.

Customer Service

We have been training new staff, and are still in the hiring process. I have been working closely with this team to make sure the correct procedures are in place so as any enquiry is replied and resolved as fast as humanly possible. Customer Service still remains to this day my number one priority, however my goal of a 1 working day response time by the end of February was admittedly a little optimistic! The team is racing towards this goal, but it's taking a bit longer than anticipated. A post will be arranged for socials once this goal has been met (along with some celebratory drinks!). Once this has been achieved, a live chat feature will be launched on our website, alongside providing support on our social media channels. We are also exploring the possibility of a dedicated Customer Service phone number for customers to call for help.

Our response time of 2-5 working days is being strictly adhered to, however, the new system that we were working on just before the original update had required some fine tuning and further development, as such, regrettably, some of you may have been missed. If you have waited anywhere over this response period, please just re-forward your original message to us, and someone will get back to you ASAP. Myself and other members of staff have been diverting our time, monitoring the Customer Service email inbox and replying, just to help with speeding things up.

We would also like to ask customers to not spam our Customer Service email and to reply with the same email originally enquired in the original thread. We work on a date received system, meaning you are only pushing yourself further up our list for a response.


We have managed to clear a huge chunk of those waiting for cancellations and are continuing to do so, if you are waiting for one, it will be processed for you as soon as we can.

However, we have noticed an issue we weren't aware of previously. When an order exceeds a certain time, the gateway for the order on our systems and PayPal expires. Meaning that despite us cancelling an order, the refund will bounce back without any notification. We are now able to see when a refund fails straight away and are now able to action this accordingly. If you have had an order cancelled but are yet to receive the funds, please do reach out to our Customer Service Team so we can promptly resolve this for you. 

Stock Issues

I am constantly reviewing all of the issues raised to me by our Warehouse and Customer Service teams in regards to stock that we are still waiting for. As mentioned previously, we have been at the mercy of distributors and suppliers for far too long. Our accounts direct with Hasbro, McFarlane etc are now finally fully up and running. This means that we will receive new stock at the exact same time as everyone else!

I am working behind the scenes with the suppliers that had caused us such issues, to get in the items we had already committed to long ago, in through our doors and out to customers. This is a priority of mine. We want nothing more than to send orders out, and I personally find it as incredibly frustrating that some products are taking so long to come in, some of these items I'm even waiting for myself! So I completely sympathise and apologise for that empty space on the shelf.

Imported Funko Stock

During the start of our online adventure, imported Special Edition Pop Vinyls blew us up across the internet. Offering products that weren't readily available elsewhere in Europe. Whilst in the early days (pre-pandemic) we had zero issues getting these in a timely manner, we are saddened that we are constantly plagued by delays for these items. The world may have returned to normal, but a lot of the logistics haven't. This has lead to sporadic estimated in stock dates (ETAs), with some items being delayed months, and others turning up months early!

So, until this line proves to be more reliable in regard to ETAs, from this date, we will only be offering deposits for Special Edition Pop Vinyls. This means that customers don't have to pay in full for items that are likely to be subject to delays, but don't miss out on these awesome collectibles.


Whilst a lot of the issues we have been experiencing with Klarna are nearly fully resolved, we would like to once again ask customers to please refrain from using Klarna for pre-orders, and to only use it for in stock items. This is due to the authorisation period for Klarna orders being limited and may not extend to and past the arrival of stock and after we dispatch.

Customers who do place a pre-order with Klarna will be contacted to arrange an alternative payment method or else the order will be cancelled.

Final Word

I would like to apologise again for the issues anyone has been experiencing with our store. We are working incredibly hard to get things back to scratch and are seeing some huge improvements throughout the business, but these things do take time.

Since my previous post we have made great progress in areas that are fundamental to the operation of the business. The most important being; an entire office and warehouse move.

The previous facilities were cramped, outdated and spread over 2 floors. We now have a much larger facility, with new systems and protocols. Cutting out any potential issues that may have arisen previously. Our team have worked incredibly hard over the past week and I am proud to say that both facilities are now fully up and running, shipping orders. This makes the untameable beast of workloads previously mentioned, a whole lot more manageable!

Everyone here is incredibly appreciative for those of you that have supported us throughout, we're a very small team but are growing with the business in ways we never thought we could! We are all passionate about toys, collectibles, and working here, in this industry, is a dream come true.

However, I would like to ask people to remember that on the other end of the screen is another human being, and abusive behaviour or comments to our staff will never be tolerated, and we get a lot of it!

Thank you again! I'll be back with another update very soon.

Harry Strevens
Managing Director