An Important Update (ft. Dave the Bear from Hull Pops)
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An Important Update (ft. Dave the Bear from Hull Pops)

We’ve teamed up with Dave the Bear from our friends over at Hull Pops to relay some important information to our fellow customers and collectors about Customer Support, Pre-Orders, and Shipping.

Our Customer Service Team are currently dealing with a large volume of correspondence and response times are longer than usual. Our small team is working hard to get through the heaps of emails we have received. The festive season is always a busy time for every toys & collectibles company, especially small independents, like ourselves.

As a small independent business with a small team, we do not have the resources to monitor our social media messages and provide customer support on social media platforms. The only way to get in touch with our Customer Service Team is by email at

We would like to reiterate once more that any form of abuse to any of our staff members will not be tolerated. Our team works extremely hard across all fronts, from our Customer Service Team; our Marketing Team; our Warehouse Team; our Retail Team; and more.

There are so many new products revealed each year and we offer pre-orders to ensure you have a chance to secure your collectibles. Please remember that ETA’s on pre-orders are that, they are estimates. They are also subject to change without notice if there are delays from manufacturers and/or our suppliers. It is very common in our industry for products to be delayed due to reasons like production issues, or supply chain issues. As a small independent we often get products later than the big retailers, but sometimes we get them on time or even early too.

We update ETAs on product pages as soon as we get the latest information with our new system. Older pre-orders have not been moved over to this new system yet and we have a dedicated Legacy Pre-Orders ETA page for the latest information we have on those. Please do not chase us for an updated ETA for your pre-order as we will simply direct you to the following pages mentioned above for the latest information we have. If you can not wait and wish to cancel your order, then please see our Refund Policy for more information.

As collectors ourselves, we all know how eager you are to receive your collectibles once they arrive in stock, however we have a strict policy of orders only being dispatched until all items are in stock. If you have an order with in stock and pre-order items, we do offer a Mixed Order shipping option (UK only) to dispatch your already in stock items before your pre-order item(s) arrive at an additional cost at checkout.

Additionally, orders with pre-order items with different ETA’s will not dispatch until all the items are in stock as per our Shipping Policy. If you would like us to dispatch items from your order which we now have in stock, then please get in touch with our Customer Service Team who will be more than happy to arrange a partial fulfilment for an additional cost.

To help lessen the workload of our Customer Service Team, we’ve updated our FAQs page to help answer our customers frequently asked questions. We strongly advise that you read our FAQs and our policies before getting touch.

Thank you again to all those who have once again remained patient and supportive of our independent business.

Harry Strevens
Managing Director, Sonner Toys

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